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NBT and Mel Foster announce Barn Sentry™

NBT and Mel Foster announce Barn Sentry™

January 24, 2019 Minneapolis, Minnesota/Chicago, IL – New Boundary Technologies and Mel Foster Company announced today the release of the Barn Sentry™ wireless barn monitoring solution at John Deere’s Develop with Deere 2019 conference, which is  taking place January 22-24, 2019 in Chicago. Attendees can view a live demonstration at the New Boundary Technologies booth at the conference.

Barn Sentry by Mel Foster Company is a comprehensive wireless monitoring solution for animal barns to help producers protect their barns, reduce risks to their animals and become more efficient in their operations. Barn Sentry monitors critical parameters including temperature, humidity, fans, water pressure, feedline motors, lights, and door open/close status. Additional sensors are available to monitor water leaks, CO2, CO, air particulate level, water flow, and motion.

Barn Sentry uses the New Boundary Technologies RemoteAware™ Internet of Things (IoT) web application service to provide 24×7 visibility to barn operations from anywhere on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Every sensor reading has user-configurable alert thresholds to send text and email alerts when an asset needs attention. Users can also access video camera applications from the Barn Sentry dashboard to gain a complete view of their barn operations.

Barn Sentry is a flexible, upgradeable, monitoring solution that comes complete with sensors and a cellular-based Internet connection device.  Barn Sentry includes a monthly monitoring service that provides the cellular service and the RemoteAware application service. The system is easy to install in new or existing barns.  Users simply mount the Barn Sentry controller and plug it in, then mount the wireless battery powered sensors where they want them. Barn Sentry includes a battery back-up system for the controller and sends alerts if there is a loss of barn power.

Barn Sentry also connects to the John Deere Operation Center through John Deere’s API services.  This connection gives farmers and service providers visibility to barn status and alerts in the John Deere Operations Center application.

“We are honored to partner with Mel Foster Company to solve some of agriculture’s biggest challenges. Producers have a lot to track between their animals and farming,” said New Boundary Technologies CEO Kim Pearson. “Barn Sentry is an economical solution that gives producers a complete view of their barns to protect their animals and reduce production costs. Integration with the John Deere Operations Center provides convenient access to information from a single user interface”.

“Barn Sentry quickly demonstrated its value by detecting a low-pressure water issue before the first field trial installation at a hog barn was even completed”, said Mel Foster Company Director of Technology Martin Miller.  “The hogs had pulled a water cup off the wall and broke the water line.  The issue was quickly fixed thanks to the Barn Sentry text alert reporting the barn location and low water pressure condition”


Barn Sentry is available through Mel Foster Company and its authorized dealers. For information, contact Martin Miller, martin@melfoster.com.

About New Boundary Technologies

New Boundary Technologies has been pioneering innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications for more than 30 years. Its RemoteAware IoT application service has provided private label branded solutions for Fortune 500 companies, solution providers and system integrators since 2001. RemoteAware applications are provided as a hosted service, so solution providers and customers don’t need their own IT resources. A rich set of out-of-the-box capabilities delivers applications quickly with little or no software development required.

About Mel Foster Company

Mel Foster Company is a proven industry leader that enables customers to bring cost effective, revenue producing, IoT enabled, products to market. Mel Foster Company has many years of experience with connected devices enablement in the Agriculture, HVAC, Industrial Pump, and other markets. Mel Foster has extensive sensor knowledge and has been selling various sensor technologies for many years and understands how to apply the sensor technology to connected products. Mel Foster’s seasoned, experienced, and dedicated team is focused on providing outstanding value and support to our customers.

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